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Getting your idea out of your head and online can sometimes seem almost impossible - there are so many moving pieces, how do you know where to even start? I am a big believer in easy - I like to find the easiest way to get something done so you can move on to the next part, and the next.



I'm a perfectionist and a design snob, and I am endlessly picky. If I recommend* something, it is because I use it, love it, and truly believe in it. (And you can pretty much guarantee I have spent hours and hours out there searching for an even better/ faster/ prettier version of each of these things, so if they're on the list, they are winners.



If you are using Wordpress, you need Flywheel. I am passionate about how amazing this company is, and will happily spend all day singing their praises. (One day let me tell you all about the time that I had ten websites hacked and how incredibly unhelpful my hosting company was - for weeks. I contacted Flywheel, and they moved all my infected sites and cleaned them up for free, and I was back online within 48 hours or so.) In over a year of hosting all my Wordpress sites with Flywheel, I haven't yet had anything other than five star, above and beyond service. I love them.  


Finding a Wordpress theme where you love the look and functionality is a bit like looking for a needle in a haystack. The criteria I use to judge a Wordpress theme is as follows. It must be multi-purpose, which means it has to be suitable to be used in almost any situation; it must have excellent use of white space; it must be reliable and predictable - this is not a place for random quirks; it must function well; it must be updated regularly; the developers must be supportive and responsive. 

Under this criteria, there are a few themes which I use and return to over and over again, all of which are available via Themeforest.


BRIDGE is a Themeforest bestseller with over 40,000 customers for a reason. I have used it in numerous customer websites, and I also use it for my Learn Wordpress in 30 Days course, Awesome + Online.


JUPITER is the theme that I use for many client sites and it forms the foundation for the Website Quick Start Kit. Easy to work with, endlessly configurable and great support makes this a solid choice for many applications.


STOCKHOLM is a crisp and minimal firm favourite with tons of white space. It has great options for blog layouts and is equally at home for an artist portfolio site or a more formal agency site.


Convertkit recently stole my heart from Mailchimp, and I was pleasantly surprised at how hard I have fallen for the newcomer. Convertkit does functionality extremely well; it's easy to get the hang of and I feel like I am saving hours each week not having to go in and manually correct things which should be automated and aren't. Plans start at $29/ month for up to 1000 subscribers, and the outgoing is well worth it for me.


Mailchimp was the first mailing list provider I signed up for, and I used them for 8 years before looking elsewhere. For general mailing list needs, they are excellent, and the cheapest plan starts at free. The company has a sense of humour (got to love a high-fiving chimp) and the layouts and templates for emails can give some seriously gorgeous results. Until you're looking into some serious automation needs where people need to move around on lists, Mailchimp is a great option.


I recently  moved all my online course to Teachable, and could not be happier. I can literally make a course in a couple of hours, I don't have to mess around creating new systems or hooking together different services anymore. Teachable just works. I did a test drive of all the available online course systems, and created an elaborate spreadsheet of all the things that mattered for me (multiple courses / ease of use / affiliate program / payment terms / and of course minimal design). I discovered fairly quickly that for me, Teachable is a clear winner.

* Some of the links above are affiliate links, which means that if you click on the link and end up purchasing, I will get some sort of compensation. Use of the affiliate link in no way effects the price you pay or the service that you will receive. Affiliate programs allow me to concentrate on providing more free content.