If you love the Quick Start Kit as a platform, but you want to make your website more unique, more specific to you and your content, perhaps with additional pages, you need the Advanced Customization package. Using the Kit as a basis, I can take your content and personalize your website to make it truly your own. This package includes up to 12 hours work on your site.

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Up to 12 hours of customization of your website, using the Quick Start Kit as a starting point.

I can make specific layouts to the design to suit your content and add additional pages if required (within the allocated time)

SCHEDULE: After you have placed your order, I will contact you to schedule a time to have a meeting and do the work.

COMMUNICATION: We can schedule a 45 minute meeting via Skype to discuss your needs.

REQUIREMENTS: In order for me to complete your website, you must have all your text and images ready to go, and easily accessible for me. If they are not ready to go on the agreed design day, then I will leave the original filler text in place.

TIME: I will spend up to twelve hours on your website, which is sufficient time to complete your site using the Website Quick Start Kit as a a partially custom build. Any additional hours required will need to be purchased separately.