My Story

Well, some of it, let's call it the quick version


When I was a kid, like a really small kid of 4 or 5, back in Britain, I used to make my mum cry when she tried to take me clothes shopping. Not because I was mean- I was the third child, all I wanted was to be loooooooved- but because I was so incredibly picky. Apparently, I could find something to critique about pretty much everything. The fabric, the fit, the scratch, the itch, the color, the style… nothing was ever good enough. (As the parent of three girls, I have nothing but apologies for my mum now, I bet they were fun times.)


The point being, that it turned out visual pickiness and perfectionism is pretty much my thing. It’s my curse and my super power. Unsurprisingly, it took me to art school where I got an MA (Honours) Fine Art degree from the University of Edinburgh and Edinburgh College of Art, Scotland. That epic adventure was a five year joint degree in history of art and studio art. I followed that with another couple of years at the art college getting my MFA in Sculpture, because I firmly believe you can never have too much education, especially when you’re thinking and talking and making stuff all day every day.


I met my Danish husband at art college. We discovered overlaps in our approach to art making, and started talking about art… and to cut a long story short, now we’re married with three kids. We started to collaborate making art in 1999, we’ve been making large scale installation work (video, text, drawing, sculpture, neon, vinyl, anything and everything) together ever since.


In 2001, we upped and moved from Europe to America, living in Minneapolis and St Paul for nine years after a couple of years in rural Wisconsin. My husband had a full time professor job teaching art (hence the move) and I taught adjunct classes teaching art to kids, adults, and art educators. In 2008 I started an online business selling custom artwork. Meanwhile, we continued to make artwork and exhibit round and about.


We had baby girl #1 in 2005, #2 in 2007 and in 2012 when #3 was due, my husband went and got himself a job in New Zealand. We sold our house, gave away our pets, said our goodbyes and broke our hearts. At 34 1/2 weeks pregnant, just a few days before I was too pregnant to fly, we got on a plane and moved our lives to the other side of the world. I’d be lying if I said that the transition was easy. But, on the plus side, I didn’t have the baby on the plane (fear number one), nor in the hotel room.


Auckland is a gorgeous city, New Zealand is an amazing country. We met some wonderful people there who will be lifelong friends. But it didn’t take long for us to realize that we didn’t want to live there for the rest of our lives. It appeared we’d been following someone else's dream.


We knew that we had to make a drastic change, and our options felt pretty limited. We could stay in NZ, and put up and shut up. We tried that for a while, it didn’t work out too well. We could try and get jobs in America and hope for the best. We didn’t have the patience, or resilience, for that option. Or we could pack up everything, again, give away our pets again, sell our house again, say all our goodbyes again and move again. Amazingly, that option seemed like the least terrifying.


So, we did it one last time, vowing that this time would be the Last Move Ever, and we got on a plane with our then 6, 8 and 1 year olds. It wasn’t easy, but it felt right. We decided that since we’d left behind everything in Minnesota for such a radical change, we should give our lifelong dream of living on the east coast a shot.


We decided to move to Portland, Maine, sight-unseen, because we could. Because it looked good, because it is a great place to raise kids, and because we craved somewhere small but vibrant, in close proximity to some places that are very big and very vibrant. We arrived by bus at night in January 2014, hopeful that this new city of ours we’d see in the morning would turn out to be a good one. It is. We lived in a hotel for a whopping eight weeks while we found a home to call our own, and we slowly started establishing our lives once more.


I genuinely and truly believe that creative ideas + design + action changes the world, and I’d love to help you bring your amazing idea out of your head and online, for once and for all.


Everything I do here takes into consideration the triangle of ideas + design + action. All three need to be activated for you to succeed in what you’re planning. To realize your dream well, you need to move through each stage, beautifully. I can help you get there, you just need to decide where you think it is that you might want to go (and I can help you with that). So, what do you need?