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IDEAS - thinking + planning

Everything Starts With an Idea


Maybe you have an elaborate master plan which keeps you up at night plotting when you should be sleeping.

Or maybe you’re like an idea-generating machine and you can’t stop having potentially amazing ideas, over and over.

You could do any of them, or you could do all of them...

Or maybe you’re trapped between two ideas, the sensible sounding one, and the one which might be bonkers, but it makes you feel the exciting tingle of limitless possibility.


In many ways, the idea stage is the most exciting part of any project, The unlimited potential for making something really freaking amazing, from scratch, gives one of the best natural highs that I know. That sense of expanse and possibility is so liberating, so freeing, so deliciously intoxicating, that it is easy to want to stay there forever.


But the idea stage can also be paralyzing. Once your dream gets big enough to scare you, you have to find a way to make the reality start meeting the expectations that you just created for yourself. That’s when you find yourself second guessing your idea in the first place, and certainly doubting your ability to see it through and make it as great as you hope.


It’s incredibly easy for creative perfectionist types to get stuck in the idea stage for a really long time, potentially forever. (Hands up how many people have a “that was a brilliant idea, I reaaaallllly should have done that” story or two to tell?)  But the trick to this stage, and to any stage in making your dreams real, is to keep moving.


Imagine if you had a framework for your ideas- a way of getting them down, evaluating them, and making a logical, easy-to-follow plan from them quickly and effortlessly.


The Idea Stage = Thinking + Planning

AKA, Now It's Time to Make a Plan


The most important thing you need to do with your idea is to turn it in to a plan.


Keep moving forward, keep building momentum. You might like to make to-do lists in books, or on scrap pieces of paper, on digital apps, or just a list in your head. They all work except the list in your head one. Get that stuff out, get it down and in front of you where you can see it every single day. 

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