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DESIGN - making + building

Design = Create + Build Your Structures + Systems

Make the framework you need to keep moving forward


When we think of design as it relates to entrepreneurs and bloggers, we tend to think of web design, colorful PDF's, maybe business cards and postcards.

We focus on design primarily as the way that things look, but it is so much more than that.

Design is at the heart of every single system, structure and interaction that people have with you and your business. 

It has to look good and work well, otherwise it is doing you a disservice.


Good design means that every contact someone has with your business is a positive one; everything needs to work beautifully. Ideally people shouldn't even really remark upon your website or branding or invoice software or Instagram account or whatever it might be - it should look great and work great - so they should simply have a positive reaction and be delighted to have found you.


When you have strongly designed systems, they give a feeling of trust and a sense that someone has your best interest at heart to everyone who encounters them. As a visitor, an excellent website allows you to relax and look for the information or experience or product that you need.


No one likes to fight with a website or a document they can't open. As soon as there's any friction in the process, there's an interruption in the thought process, and you can easily lose a customer (personally I will leave a website if it's too ugly or too glitchy, no matter how much I might like what people have to say).


Your systems and structures need to be set up to work beautifully.


Your website is the most important structure you need to build when you're an online business. Don't let anyone tell you that a Facebook page "totally works instead of a website". It doesn't. End of discussion.


You know you need a great website, you know how much it matters. But if you're just starting out getting online, it can be totally overwhelming. Where do you start? What do you need? Should you DIY your website or hire a professional?


You've heard so much advice - and so much of it is conflicting - about building a website, that you are whacked by a wave of analysis paralysis before you even start. Relax, you don't need to reinvent the wheel, there is an easy button for all of this. As an artist and designer and serial entrepreneur, I have made it my mission to make getting your idea out of your head and online as stress-free as possible.

First up, you need to decide if you want to tackle this yourself or work with a designer. This blog post, "The Big Website Dilemma: Should You DIY Your Website or Hire a Designer" is a great place to start.

If you decide that you want to work with a designer, I make a couple of select sites a month on either Squarespace or Wordpress. I pride myself on making the whole getting online process easy, quick, relatively affordable, and drama-free, with the one day website. You can read more about The One Day Website to see if it is what you are looking for, or contact me to discuss your needs by filling out the form on the Design Studio page.