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Action is Everything You Do to Keep Moving Forward


If you're taking an idea and creating your very own online business reality, it's not unusual to think of building your website as the biggest piece of action cake that you need to grab. There's a tendency, once that website is built, to sit back and think, "yes, I have done it, now I can relax while the sales roll in..."

Sorry to burst the bubble, but now you really have to get to work.


It's super appealing to stop for a while and take a breather; hit the pause button after all that thinking and planning and making and building. And yes, you do deserve a break, but the tendency can be to just... stop. To stop moving forward, to stop doing anything much at all. If you stop, you don't have to find out if all your efforts really were worth it, if you really could change the world. You have a built-in excuse for not following through ("yeah... I got really busy and ran out of time..."). I am not judging, not even the littlest bit, we all do this- I'm still doing this about one big giant life-changing, world-changing idea that I've been thinking about and sporadically working on for ooh, what, six years now...


When you have the systems and structures in place, the only thing that's holding you back is you.

Find the time, make the time.

Find the energy, make the energy.

Find the enthusiasm, make the enthusiasm.



The Care + Keeping of Your Website



You've heard peeps say that your website is an ever-changing thing, but what does that even really mean? How do you keep it working? When do you have to change it? How do you look after it? Is there anything you need to be looking out for? So. Many. Questions.

The Care + Keeping of Your Website course is a field guide / how-to manual hybrid, turbo-charged with strategic action steps, to-do lists and a maintenance plan that will make growing your website in the right way easy to achieve.

It can be your constant trusty companion explaining what to do next and why - and gently reminding you to actually do it. When you have a new website, the worst thing that you can do is neglect it - this course is the missing structure and framework that you need for your online home to thrive and grow.


It's time to extend, evaluate, and re-build


The good news/ bad news about building a website and an online presence and a business and a lifestyle, is that you are never done, there's always something that can be extended, improved, revised, demolished or rebuilt. This is not a one-and-done scenario; it's a process, a journey.


But hopefully, you can approach the Action phase of your business building with the spirit of investigation and adventure. Try and have some fun, experiment a little. You never which doors are right around the corner.


If you are offering services, maybe you want to make some products. You might have been thinking that the series of blog posts that you just finished would make an excellent e-book. Perhaps you'd like to make a course or design some real live products for sale.


I believe in easy, and I'm building an extensive resource library full of tutorials, courses and recommendations that will make figuring out your next steps and taking action on them a whole lot easier and less overwhelming.


If you want to get stuff done, you need to make time for it

AKA, Now It's Time to Make an Action Plan


Taking action consistently?

You can plan for that.


Keep moving forward, keep building momentum. You might like to make to-do lists in books, or on scrap pieces of paper, on digital apps, or just a list in your head. They all work except the list in your head one. Get that stuff out, get it down and in front of you where you can see it every single day. 

I have created a whole other business dedicated to wall planners and calendars so every day you can see what you have to do, when you have to do it, and simply get it done. You can view the e-commerce site here (Designing a Happy Life) or you can view the current range of planners from this site by clicking on the shop tab in the menu above, or the button just below.